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We design and develop basic (Ad free) apps to help parents and carers get through the day!

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We're a team of @home mums and dads who thought, "What we really need is an app that...".

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Our Apps

Talking Timer Plus


Talking TimerPlus has been designed with parents and carers in mind.  The fun and simple app is a basic timer that prompts at set intervals using either one of the pre-recorded voices (such as Dr. Who’s Dalek, Alvin, or Batman) or using one of your own custom recordings.  Mums, dads, carers, teachers, tutors and trainers can all benefit from this fun and simple app!  Simply choose the voice you want, set the timer and click START.  Easy as that! 

Monster Scanner


Strange noises from closet?  What was that bump underneath the bed?  Well, you can tell your kids there aren't any monsters but with this handy little app you can prove it!  Simply open the app and let "Scanny" (the friendly monster) guide your child through the monster scanning process.  Once complete, Scanny will provide an immediate "Monster Report" of the area to reassure your little one there aren't any monsters lurking nearby!



Fart Scan


Now what's more important than keeping kids entertained (and what's more entertaining than a little flatulence?!)  With this "handy" little app you can scan a suspected fart source, have the app run a quick analysis and provide you with an entertaining response. 


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